Arise, and go down to the potter’s house, and there I will cause thee to hear My words


Pastor Glen Botu
August 19, 2016


From the sermon series THE SEVEN DEADLY SINS. Pastor Glen spoke on the sin of gluttony and how we can become trapped in this sin. The sermon text is taken from Deutronomy 21:18-21.

Gluttony has to do with excessive eating and a glutton is someone who eats more than is necessary and as such become a lifestyle. It is a show of self will, gratification and defiance. Gluttony is a sign of rebellion. It is associated with drunkenness and laziness. Too much food damages our health and relationship with God. It also leads to poverty.

We don’t have to be gluttons or love food too much, we can change that sort of lifestyle today because God frowns at it.

Listen to the sermon and be convicted.

God bless you all.



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